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Ur art is awasome
Mon Jun 9, 2014, 3:23 PM
Thank youuuuu :icontarddanceplz:
Sat May 31, 2014, 12:35 PM
your chibis are AMAZING~~~~~
Thu Apr 24, 2014, 9:25 PM
Wed Mar 19, 2014, 2:15 AM
Nice artworks you have >,<\
Tue Feb 11, 2014, 9:27 PM

Sailor Moon Crystal

Wed Jul 16, 2014, 4:42 PM

Moon Prism Power, Make Up!

Got around to watching Sailor Moon Crystal. There's been a lot of buzz surrounding this reinterpretation of the Sailor Moon anime, a lot of it positive, so I decided to go for it. My thoughts so far?

The animation is detailed, fluid and expressive. I love the stylized rose frames and silhouette illustrations reminiscent of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Although I believe they are similarly proportioned to the manga art, in animation they are just a little too spindly. I don't mind super skinny characters, but there is a line when animated characters cross the line of 'tall and skinny' into 'how do they not break?'. Not a huge problem and the lovely animation more than makes up for it. The real disappointment for me was the henshin scene - all in CGI. Now, in old shoujos a lot of money and time were put into the oft-repeated henshin scenes, they were normally the pinnacle of animation in the series. However, since it looks like a lot of time and money were put into animating everything else, especially the Moon Palace scenes, I don't particularly mind.

The soundtrack is fantastic! It's nicely orchestrated, brings a lot of tension and excitement to the story. Since Sailor Moon is really such a sweeping, epic story, it really does need a good soundtrack to carry it - something the original anime did not achieve until maybe Sailor Moon S. The opening and ending themes were both good, but I will reserve further judgement after I've heard them a few times to see how they 'age'. Are they new Moonlight Densetsu? Not really...fingers crossed that the most loved and remembered Sailor Moon tune will somehow work its way into the new series! Also, Usagi shouting her key refrains sent chills down my spine! Loved it! Character acting and voices also sounded good, nothing jarring or out of place.

Characters looked great, with faces expressive rather than cartoony. While they changed a few key points (such as Usagi not saving Luna from a bunch of kids bullying her) they still took the time to show the good points of Usagi's character when she rushes to save Naru without a second thought. The villains looks quite threatening and I love Mamoru's new look, I always thought his ugly black turtleneck-green jacket combo was a downer on what's supposed to be such a good-looking guy!

I just get the feeling that there's more at stake - it's taking itself much more seriously and Sailor Moon is a series that can take seriousness and darkness quite well. I'm looking forward to seeing more! Check it out if you haven't yet - unlike many remakes this one is taking the source material seriously, respecting the fans and giving us something both nostalgic and new. If things go well we could have a perfect remake on our hands. Moonies rejoice!

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Images by YamPuff
Coding by SimplySilent


Lineless Chibi Commission
passingfancyrae OC Chibi Commission by YamPuff
Doctor Who and River Song - Chibi Commission by YamPuff
Q Chibi Commission by YamPuff
Frozen Commission - Anna and Else by YamPuff
ONE chibi character in my new, lineless style. Please note that these characters do not come with linearts! Before coloring you will have a sketch to look at and request changes if needed.

Note: If you want a big addition like a huge pile or sweets or stuffed animals, contact me via Note so I can set up a price quote and payment method. For multiple chibis in the same picture, order a commission for each one (for example, if you want three chibis holding hands, make three orders through this widget.)
Micro Chibi or Pony Commission
Micro Chibi Couple by YamPuff
Nadhara Chbi - 100k Kiriban Prize by YamPuff
Nakufin Micro Pony by YamPuff
ONE micro chibi OR pony. Super tiny chibis great for display on banners, logos or avatars. They are small but adorable! These can come with linearts if requested. Before coloring you will have a sketch to look at and request changes if needed.

Note: If you want a big addition like a huge pile or sweets or stuffed animals, contact me via Note so I can set up a price quote and payment method.

For multiple chibis in the same picture, order a commission for each one (for example, if you want three chibis holding hands, make three orders through this widget.)


AKA Yams
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
From childhood on, she had always been the same. Give her a blank page and she would fill it with a poem or a story or a picture. Give her a blank wall and she would always--always--decorate it. ... Give her a child and she would fill its head with marvels. With tales and thoughts and facts beyond imagining.
--Myst, The Book of Atrus

My artworks are for the most part bastards of different kinds of software, pens, pencils, scans, prints and techniques. I use watercolors, sakura microns, MangaStudio, colored pencils, the GIMP, and occasionally pastels and MS Paint. Doing freelance work has been a dream of mine since forever and DeviantArt has helped me achieve that dream. Art is and has always been my passion, though occasionally I fall into dark art block slumps and swear it off for good. I'm an American living in Cairo and working as a Pre-K English teacher. Welcome to my page!

Masterchef Australia 2014? 

28 deviants said What?
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9 deviants said Who even watches that?
6 deviants said THE ONLY TV SHOW FOR ME.

Commissions: OPEN!

Commission Info: LINK

Price: $20 USD through Paypal

Pairy Chibi Fanart by YamPuffGeomon Ishikawa Chibi Commission by YamPuff

Price: $16 USD through Paypal

Skunk Girl with Wolf and Bat - Lineart Commission by YamPuffFox Girl Chibi Lineart by YamPuff

Price: $18 for a mini chibi, $14 for a lineart

Nokiko Minichibi Commission by YamPuffRainbow Candy Pixie - Commission by YamPuff

Price: $25 USD through Paypal

Miranda Chibi Commission by YamPuffSteampunk Bernard Chibi by YamPuff

Price: $18 for a colored pony, $14 for a lineart

Royal Song Pony Commission by YamPuffGoth Skull Pony Commission by YamPuff

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: I have changed my pricing to a set amount for each different kind of chibi. I may add +$5 - 10 extra for big details, such as super long complicated hair, massive angel wings, piles of candies, etc. Just Note me about it if you're not sure, I very rarely ask for an extra fee unless it's something very time consuming! :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:


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Sailor-Koi Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is so darn cute~!!! <3333

Do you do any art trades?
AskAlternateDoubleD Featured By Owner 3 days ago
(( Hello. I am warning pplz of xXkittenloveXx, I'm sorry to say but everything in her gallery is stolen from a site called zerochan. This girl's name is Lily and she has a huge reputation here. She is 11 years old and loves to steal art and lie trough her teeth, and take the real artist's identity.
She is also known for bullying a girl on this site into attempting suicide. I have been trying to stop this girl for months. If you could, please us report this girl so she can finally get banned for good.
She is also stealing art on these accounts as well.
perbaa and xXxkitcatxXx

Thank you.))
shelbyljones Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
hi I am new to this website and I have seen your drawings I just love them
Heart Heart I hope you don't mind but I have drawn some of them in my sketch book 
Vuuuuuuf Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your gallery and your journals and... everything! It's so cute and really inspires me! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-07 (Kawaii Whine) [V1] Bunny Emoji-70 (Please to meet you) [V4] 
(1 Reply)
mimirao Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Student General Artist
Hi there!Waving emote 
I have come to invite you to my contest to draw my Oc ​​Bakuro:
if you want to participate informs me
Thank you for your attention!! ^^
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Khateerah Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You have such a cute style!!! Keep it up!!
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Belleanna33 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I am on a mission to draw every female Homestuck character with your lines. 
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Suki-Manga Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
thank you for the watch! :w00t:
your characters are lovely I watch you too :D
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Fujisuzu Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Student Artist
I made "naomi" my avatar, giving you credit for it in my signature.
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ilovepinkhair Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
:happybounce: Thank you for the fave :heart:
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